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Zinc: Getting to the Facts.

Zinc is a trace mineral element, which means it is required in smaller quantities than major minerals, i.e. at levels of mg/kg, in the diet.  Zinc is an antioxidant and commonly linked with skin and immune system health, however it has a biological function on many tissues.  Most regions in the UK have depleted levels […]

Balancers – Helping to Keep Your Horse in the Peak Of Health.

At The Healthy Horse Company© we are proud to supply our customers with a range of premium specification, high quality balancers for horses.  So, what is a Balancer? A Horse Feed Balancer is a feed supplement that provides your horse with a range of ingredients to bridge recognised vitamin and mineral deficiencies in UK forage, […]

Is your horse's diet the best it can be? If you are concerned with your horse's health and would like to discuss improvements...