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Balancers – Helping to Keep Your Horse in the Peak Of Health.

At The Healthy Horse Company© we are proud to supply our customers with a range of premium specification, high quality balancers for horses.  Our Balancers, Premixes and Blends are manufactured in a UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), BETA NOPS (Naturally Occuring Prohibited Sustances) certified facility using the highest quality ingredients which conform to all UK and EU legislation relating to the manufacture of animal feeding stuffs. Our formulations are based on the National Research Council (NRC) guidelines and recommended ratios.

So, what is a Balancer?

A Horse Feed Balancer is a feed supplement that provides your horse with a range of ingredients to bridge recognised vitamin and mineral deficiencies in UK forage, and which also provides them in the correct ratios to optimize uptake.  Our Balancers may also provide ingredients to support digestive health, omega oils to support healthy joints, and various vitamins.  Balancers can also include pre-mixes of just two or more ingredients for specific issues – e.g. to support joint or digestive health.

Care should be taken when comparing levels of nutrients in Balancers as some well-known companies list the level of vitamins and minerals present in a kilogram of product.  At first glance, the mineral levels may sound impressive, but when calculated to that being fed, are present in very minimal amounts which are not beneficial. This also applies to pre-mixes of just two or more ingredients.  Here at The Healthy Horse Company© we prefer to list the ingredients in our Balancers per 75g/100g or per serving so that it is easier to identify what your horse will receive.  We also declare all the ingredients and do not use any fillers.

Our core values are clarity and transparency! 

Regional Forage Balancer – South East England.

A unique Forage Balancer addressing the deficiencies in grazing and forage within the South East of EnglandThis product is suitable for those living within Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and Oxfordshire.

This Balancer was developed after much extensive research, listening to our customer’s needs, and formulated using our vast database of forage analysis results from the UK.  It has been produced with high specification Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Omega Oils beneficial for promoting good health, and based on NRC recommendations and Mineral Balancing Guidelines.  It balances mineral ratios to the very high levels of naturally occurring Iron and Manganese in this area, and has been formulated specifically for equines on high forage-based diets receiving minimal hard feed.  Amongst other benefits, it:

  • Encourages strong hoof walls, soles and healthy frogs, 
  • Supports Laminitic, good-doers and those on restricted grazing
  • Supports the Immune System, Joints/Bones and Connective Tissue,
  • Encourages healthy skin and shiny coats
  • No added Iron or Manganese

Available in 3kg, 6kg Tubs or Refills, and a 7-day trial tub.

Forage Balancer

This Balancer helps address common deficiencies in grazing and forage in the UK. Our Forage Balancer has been carefully formulated to provide vitamins, minerals and amino acids in optimum proportions to aid horse owners wishing to balance their forage, and is:

  • Particularly useful for owners who are unable to balance their horses diet based on forage analysis and bespoke feed plans – this product provides and balances the most commonly recognised deficiencies in grazing and forage in the UK.
  • Useful as a base product to use and add to (if necessary) to create a bespoke feed plan.
  • Created with high specification products.
  • No added Iron or Manganese
  • Easy to use – saving time and money!

Available in 4kg, 8kg Tubs or Refills, and a 7-day trial tub.

Hoof, Skin and Coat Balancer

This is a high specification combination of minerals, amino acids, vitamins and omega oils specifically formulated to support strong hoof laminae, sound hooves, healthy skin and shiny coats.  Vitamins and Minerals are presented in optimum levels and recommended NRC ratios for promoting good health.

Suitable for all equines and to support:

  • Barefoot horses (pre, during or post transition to Barefoot) and to encourage strong hoof walls, soles and healthy frogs.
  • To support Laminitic equines or good-doers on restricted grazing,
  • Horses suffering from seasonal-related skin conditions, itching, or sun-bleached coats,
  • To help supplement possible deficiencies in grazing and forage,
  • Horses with weak, brittle or cracked hooves,
  • Ingredients included to help support gastro-intestinal health, muscles, ligaments, tendons, metabolic and immune system health.
  • No added Iron or Manganese

No Hype!  – A complete supplement, providing a cost-effective solution to supporting your horse’s hooves, skin and coat.

Available in 3kg, 6kg Tubs or Refills, and a 7-day trial tub.

If you are looking for balancers for horses or are looking to change brand of balancer or get specific in the type of balancer for your horse, but have any questions, do get in touch! Our nutritionists are passionate about horse health and are happy to help guide your horse’s nutrition.

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