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The Healthy Horse Company®

Suppliers of equestrian supplements, minerals and balancers for horses, scientific forage analysis & bespoke feed plans.

Forage Analysis & Feed Plans​​

The Healthy Horse Company® works with you and your horse to provide a complete service, from analysing your horse’s forage, including hay, haylage, grass pasture and soil, to build you a bespoke feeding plan and soil dressings.

Equine Health Supplements

We provide horse feed balancers, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and more to support every equine need, from head to toe and everything in between, to ensure your horse has high-specification nutrition based on NRC guidelines.

Sally Tobin

Equine Nutrition Consultant

Experts in Horse Nutrition

The Healthy Horse Company® was created by Sally Tobin, a fully-insured, experienced equine nutritionist, to offer you a professional service with complete confidentiality, whether you are looking for scientific analysis of your horse’s nutrition, from forage to the soil in your pasture, or trying to find trusted supplements and vitamins your horse may need if their diet isn’t sufficient.

Sally has in-depth knowledge of the nutritional requirements and experience in managing all types of horses including Working and Performance Horses, Veterans, Broodmares, Young-Stock, and those suffering from Arthritis, Lameness, Cushings and Insulin Resistance.

Sally is passionate about balancing equine diets to fully optimise horse health. She has a Pro Dip Equine Nutrition, MCMI, and is a Member of The Nutrition Society. Read more »

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