100% Pure Vitamin C Powder

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  • A water soluble vitamin essential for horse health, an important antioxidant and vital for lung, immune system and skin health.
  • Supports respiratory and immune system health, and helps to maintain a healthy response to environmental issues such as dust and mould.
  • Supports the formation and maintenance of collagen in connective tissue, skin, joints and tissues.
  • Useful for horses that fail to thrive due to ill health or stress.
  • Beneficial for horses on high cereal/low forage diets or those on purely hay/haylage diets.
  • Useful for horses in very hard work – endurance, eventers, racehorses.
Vitamin C
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Feeding guidelines:

Horses 400 – 600kg body weight:

Horses in very hard work 1 – 5g per day

Immune system and lung support 3 – 10g per day

1 x  level 5ml scoop = approx. 5g Vitamin C

Do not feed to horses known or suspected to be Iron overloaded, as Vitamin C can increase Iron absorption in the digestive system.