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Available in Tubs and Refill Packs

Carefully formulated to our own specification, with a balance of B vitamins in optimum ratios – this product helps support the equine body.

B Vitamins are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, together with the complex inter-relationship supporting the synthesis of amino acids within the body.

  • Supplementation of B vitamins is important for horses that are in hard work, supporting muscles and tissues that have high energy requirements, as well as encouraging red blood cell production, a healthy nervous and gastrointestinal system, healthy skin and hooves.
  • Horses that are fed soaked hay (to lower sugar levels) may benefit from B vitamins as the action of soaking hay leaches nutrients.
  • B Vitamins play essential roles in the metabolism of feeds, energy management, digestion and the balance of stress hormones.
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Each 5 grams supplies: 100mg  Thiamine B1, 25mg Niacin B3, 20mg Biotin B7, 25mg Folic Acid B9, 20mcg Vitamin B12, 100mg Pyridoxine B6, 50mg Pantothenic Acid B5, 3678mg Brewers Yeast

Nutritional Values:
DE 10.30 MJ/kg, Protein 37.50%, Oil 0.70%, Fibre 2.20%, Ash 6.60%

Feed at the rate of:

200 – 400kg Body weight – 1 x 2.5ml scoop per day
400kg – 600kg Bodyweight – 1 x 10ml scoop per day
Over 600kg Bodyweight – 1 x 10ml scoop and 1 x 2.5ml scoop per day.

2 x 5ml scoops = 7.5g