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Magnesium is essential for healthy nerve and muscle function, and to improve hoof quality.  It is the primary ingredient in many of the equine calming products on the market but is important for many more reasons.

  • Magnesium is needed for more than 325 enzymes within the horses body
  • Involved in protein synthesis so needed for general growth and repair of tissues, eg hooves
  • Required for the maintenance of normal blood circulation within the body, limbs and hooves of the horse
  • Magnesium is critical for balanced secretion of insulin and glucose uptake
  • It is involved in regulating blood sugar levels
  • Essential for Calcium absorption and is an important mineral in the bone matrix.  It can also assist in the absorption and metabolism of vitamins B, C and E
  • Periods of stress lead to an increased need for magnesium
  • Often lacking in equine diets due to processed, preserved, high concentrated feeds
  • The availability of magnesium is low in fast growing lush grass, after periods of rainfall, in horse sick pastures or artificially fertilised pastures.
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Recommended feeding guidelines (in the absence of forage analysis / feed plan):
3g per 100kg bodyweight (15g daily for an average 500kg horse)

3 x 5ml scoops = 15g