Feed Plan (Second Horse) – £17.00

Please note this product is only to be purchased with the First Horse Feed Plan if you have more than one horse for which plans are required.

We can provide you with a Bespoke feed plan unique to your horse in its environment, based on what the horse actually needs for the level of work it does.

Following interpretation of your forage analysis (full mineral and nutritional reports) and a comprehensive telephone consultation with you as the owner we can provide a feed plan on a totally bespoke, targeted nutrition basis with balanced minerals to optimize your horses health and performance.  We ensure that mineral ratios are at their optimum levels – this is important as too much of one mineral can block the absorption of another.  We understand that many owners favour particular feed brand names and we are happy to build this into your horse’s feed plan, or create a totally new diet based on your horse’s needs and requirements. For many horses it may be a simple case of balancing the diet to correct vitamin and mineral imbalances.  We can also provide instructions on how to create your horse’s own bespoke minerals mix based on their feed plan requirements.

Once you have purchased your Feed Plan, please return to this page to download a feed plan equine information form

Click Here For The Equine Information Form

Please note:  We need scientific analytical reports to create the horse’s feed plan. These can be purchased separately from our website, and are not included in the price of the Feed Plan.