100% Pure Psyllium Husks from £34.99

Available in Tubs and Refill Packs

Complementary feeding stuff for horses.
Helps to regain digestive balance.

  • Pure food-grade psyllium husks
  • Supports healthy gut movement and function.
  • Soothes bowel discomfort.
  • Helps clear sand from the digestive tract.
  • An excellent supplementary source of dietary fibre.
  • No additives, No fillers.

Nutritional Values: 78% Dietary Fibre, 3.3% Calcium

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How to feed:

As a short course feed 20g per 100kg bodyweight daily for 5 days.
(Feed 100g to a 500kg horse daily for 5 days)
For long term problems/maintenance feed daily:
Horses – 30-50g, Ponies – 15-25g
1 level 100ml scoop = 30g
Introduce gradually.
Ensure your horse has access to drinking water at all times.
If you suspect your horse has Colic, always consult your Veterinary Surgeon.